Frequent Questions


How it works

  • TechArtery Will send you a document with some basic questions about your business.
  • Once you fill out out and return the document then the website development process will begin.
  • Techartery Will construct up to 5 pages of your website. The Content will be crisp clean and well organised. 

The Setup Process

  • You will need to provide us with details about your domain name and we can instruct you from there. 
  • A basic setup will cost $154.00 That includes,  configuring the domain name and up to 10 domain records such as email etc. The Setup package includes a standard SSL key and DNS server allocation. Advanced ssl keys can be costly so please contact us for something beyond standard.
  • Step by step instructions will be sent to you or we can have it covered for a small additional fee. 


2. Standard Setup is $154, That includes coordinating all technical requirements in order to have the website ready to roll. [Recommended for SOHO Websites]


Exception: Some websites however, may require more advanced configurations such as multi-site; multi domain or even multi cloud service, and for this the price can vary depending on the complexity involved.

  • For example: a Multi Site domain OV SSL key can take several fold longer in order to verify the integrity of your organisation where as a DV SSL key can be conducted within the hour, therefore would be much cheaper.
  • Another example is where a customer may require high availability, and this may require designing a solution that ensures when a server is performing slower than average, that server load balancing becomes part of the equation.

 It despends on which system you have,  Funcationality Systems are built into the systems core and that¹s what provides the functionality. So it’s classified as Software as a service. 

NANOREASH - YES You can, however once taken away from our service, however it can only then be classed as an "Authorised Nanoreash Replica" if there are any forms enabled they will need to be re-written.

STRIKERM - YES You can, however once taken away from our service, however it can only then be classed as an "Authorised StrikerM Replica" if there are any forms enabled they will need to be re-written. 

Frequent Questions